Made with Xara Word of Life Pentecostal Holiness Church-Malta. 2010 CHURCH DISCIPLESHIP  Although our church is still in a modest number (around 75 members), we have an increasing number of people involved in ministry. (Part of my future vision is to train teachers). Most of the work is delegated and regardless of the occasional ‘hiccups’, we are successfully keeping the unity of peace and growing in love. A reformed Baptist preacher that preached in our church recently, commented that love and concern for one other is very evident in the church. We meet as a church every Sunday afternoon in a field and have picnics, play soccer (get injured) and laugh. We purchased the building where we meet to worship. It is a large, comfortable building (according to Maltese standards), with very adequate facilities. It can accommodate around one hundred people. It can comfortably hold around eighty people, and is all paid for. We have recently applied to build a second story to have more room to accommodate our activities; such as Sunday School and an office. VISION My vision for the church is to promote the spreading of the gospel to the Maltese and Gozitan citizens. I try to reach those who are hurting and outcasts. An emphasis on teaching is stressed, and as I noted earlier, I envisage training teachers with the ability to systematically teach and preach the Word of God. Through 'People to People’ ministry initiatives, we aim to help those who are suffering, and contribute towards reaching the world with the Gospel with our contribution to World Missions Church History Work with the IPHC / Education Teaching Ministry / Global University Church Discipleship / Vision Home | Meet the Pastors