Made with Xara Word of Life Pentecostal Holiness Church-Malta. 2010 WORK WITH IPHC We joined the IPHC and I was ordained three years later. We became involved in People to People ministries and we presently support six children in Africa by means of fellowship meals, which we organize each month. We have been doing this for about eight years. Few years ago I suggested to our church board that we start to send 10% of all income of the church to World Missions. We are informed by them that with these offerings we are supporting a full time pastor.  Early last year, we hosted a seminar delivered by Linwood Berry, (our OMC), under the auspices of the Mustard Seed Institute. A number of people from different churches attended the seminar and their feedback was very positive. Later in the year I held another course, and a number of Baptists attended the seminar. EDUCATION When I became a Christian, I felt the need to study the Bible seriously. I was introduced to ICI/Global University, and began systematic studies. Today, I have completed the Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Theology and another degree in Religious Education. I recently began to study for a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies. Church History Work with the IPHC / Education Teaching Ministry / Global University Church Discipleship / Vision Home | Meet the Pastors