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The Lord’s Day, April 26, 2020
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I was thinking of sharing my work testimony with you. I'm very thankful to God for the possibility and the opportunity that I can work remotely and reduce the danger and affect of the virus-spreading situation. As you may know, I'm living and working in Malta since January 2017. The current company is the 4th employer (5th on paper as there was a change in ownership at the 2nd place). If there was no Covid-19, I would have engaged at the new place already. At the current company (Augustea Technoservice LTD) I started on 1st November. During my first week, there was a ransomware (virus that encrypts all data and only gives you the decryption key to restore for money) on the company infrastructure. Also in IT the company had lack of resources and change in management. In February 2020 I had an opportunity for a higher IT support position with the Head office of Corinthia Hotels. I had an interview with the Technology Director and the Senior IT Manager that went so well. They convinced the management of the company to give
me the possible maximum salary offer. Another important detail is that I had 3 months notice period (from day 1 with Augustea) but by the Maltese law I should have 6 months probation period where any of the parties can stop the agreement. So from Corinthia I had a call in February, that I had the opportunity, and wished to welcome me in their Technology team. I had to decide in 3 days. (They presumed 1 week notice period at Augustea for me by the Maltese law) and wanted me to start 1 week later on Monday. As I had the interview with Corinthia they told me a lot about their infrastucture and way how they work and the projects that I would need to work on (all these were promising and more exciting than what I had to do on ships remotely). Because of the above mentioned reasons I was really convinced to change my job again, so I said yes for Corinthia. I tried to speak with my manager at Augustea, but we were really busy at the time given the problems of user issues, infrastructure failures and problems of connectivity with ships. On the last day of deadline by Corinthia I
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13 For this reason the one who speaks in a tongue should pray that they may interpret what they say. 14 For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. 15 So what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my understanding; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my understanding 1 Corinthians 14:13-15
WOL Bible Study
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PRAYING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION It's time to pray, that our families and our children will not get accustomed staying home on a Sunday .... waking up late. The enemy more than ever is taking advantage of the situation. As we wait for the second coming of Jesus we should stand firm in faith and pray even more for encouragement.. some battle is not ours, but others are, like waking up in time for church.
went with my manager till his car from the office to explain my situation and tell him that I'm leaving but I don't want to leave him miserable (at the time we were the only 2 IT people in the company. He was trying to hire 2 more). He asked me to at least stay 2 weeks instead of just one and give him a chance to hire somebody to replace me as well. At this point the only thing remained is to convince Corinthia to wait an extra week for me. Anyone who has kept an eye on what has happened so far and knows the current state of tourism and hospitality, can already guess that there are not many companies within these industries that need a new employee… just like the parent company of Corinthia Hotels. At the time of my resignation I wrote an email to my future boss about way forward - when and how we could start working together. (I assumed that they would have to work from home as well, as in the time of my resignation Covid-19 virus started to spread also in
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Europe. We were fully prepared at Augustea company,so that everyone could work from home on the corporate laptops (I installed, configured, distributed and made administration of).. The next day, Corinthia Head Office called to say he was very sorry, but currently their company is suspending all their probationary employees indefinitely and the part- timers have also been sent home. I was terminated before I would even start one can say. There is a saying in Hungarian: I fell to the ground in between two chairs. I was saved from this situation as my boss wanted to keep me, and he only found a temporary solution with an additional person. In conclusion, I am very grateful to God that my resignation lasted till the start of the Maltese lock down and also the boss wanted to keep me in my current position all the way and did not abuse my vulnerable position due to my resignation. Moreover, if I stay with Augustea for more than a full year I will definitely get a raise in salary. God is good all the time