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The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are life. John 6:63
The Lord’s Day, August 16, 2020
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NEW DIRECTIVES FOR CHURCH 09.00-10:00 - Maltese 10:30 - 11:30 - English TEMPERATURE, SANITIZING AND MASKS Please make sure you measure your temperature before leaving home Sanitize your hands before entering church Wear your masks in church Thank you
Gems in the book of Romans
The words “much more abound” are from the Greek word huperperisseuo, which describes something that is growing out of measure, beyond proportion, and out of its banks to a far-stretched extreme. It is like a giant river that is being flooded with waters from upstream. Those waters are coming downstream so fast that the river can no longer hold the raging current in its banks. Its water rises, rises, and rises until it finally begins pouring out of its banks and begins to flood everything in sight. This is exactly the idea of the word Paul uses when he says, “...Grace did much more abound.” Although we do not have any chance to save ourseselves from our evil ways, God’s grace is much greater to save the repentent sinner, and lives in Christ.
A short message to ponder on… Sometimes we hear alot about bondage how this could be good from a point of view and bad from another... Parents always do their best to build the best family bondage with children. And do also their best so their children do not have a kind of bondage to get distracted from friends worldly passions and drugs amongst many others. How about we pray that we have a spiritual bondage within our families... We need to be united more than ever... Blessings
Since the ministry work doubled…because we have two services, we believe it is an opportunity for you to apply what we have learned. In the last months, we learned about the spiritual gifts that we have and how we can use them in the church.
In this way, we will use a negative experience and turn it into a positive one as we will be glorifying God and build up each other.
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WOL Marriage Devotion
Why do some marriages ride the waves of adversity with ease while other partnerships become stuck in one continuous heated battle after another? One reason could be lack of maintenance to the relationship. Relationships require time and effort to be successful. Many people lack the patience or the dedication that is necessary and also fail to recognize the essential elements of a harmonious marriage.
Both spouses my definitely need to committed to the relationship. From the wedding ceremony onward, couples need to maintain their relationship. Disagreements on how the couple aim to fulfill the family goals are common. Yet, many times they are impatient to heat the other’s point of view. These goals need to be discussed and agreed upon with the underlying understanding that love is the common factor. Even though the goals may change over time, the couple needs to remain faithful to their shared values.
Live in harmony with one another. Romans 12:16