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The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are life. John 6:63
The Lord’s Day, December 27, 2020
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If, when you think about the year that is ending, you find that your faith has grown, then you are on the right track. Do not stop doing good deeds and God will bless you abundantly in the soon coming 2021 Many have the custom to use the time of Christmas and the New Year to reflect on several different aspects of life. Some try to look back and seek God to illuminate them on what they could have done better and how they can do better in the coming year. The year 2020 brought different challenges to the whole earth. Therefore reflection will probably reflect on the several sufferings and inconveniences that most people have experienced. However, I think, for the Christian, 2020 was a year of great opportunities. These are the opportunities to grow in faith through suffering, remain committed to God, through discouragement, strengthening the weak in doubt, and similar opportunities. Most of all, learning more and more to trust God. Therefore, as you look back into 2020 and see that your faith in God grew, keep doing what you have been doing; you are on the right track. You can approach 2021 stronger than the ending of year 2020
PRAYING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION Many concerned parents wonder how their children will be protected from the evil that is being exposed to their loved ones, even in schools where they attend to receive their education. Education now is diluted with anti-christ influence and several times in direct opposition to God’s will. However, the answer was given to them 3,000 years ago. It is an eternal truth, but some parents hardly take notice of it. It is found in Psalm 119, in particular the paragraph called Beth (vs 9-16). Verse 9 reflects the parents’ question, “How can a young man keep his way pure?” The answer is simple. “By guarding it according to your word.” This is the main armor that children need today. At school, when with their peers, the games they play, and the places they visit, they will be exposed to experience evil. However, knowing and living the “Word of Life” is how children can guard their souls. Let us pray, they do not wander away from God’s commandments and from Church, and that they will choose to store up His words in their heart so that they will not sin against God.
If you only knew how much peace you can give yourself and how much joy you give to others by living as you should, I think you would show greater interest in your spiritual progress.
CELEBRATING JESUS THE FOUNDATION OF MARRIAGE Grace is one of the essential ingredients that couples are to have active in their relationship. It is the way the Lord is with us, and it is how He wishes His children offer to one another. This is more true in a marriage relationship. As we long for God's ever-present grace, so do spouses. The spouse that loves God and lives in His grace will not find it difficult to show grace when hurt. After all, it is the outward expression of love. When the Christian couple bases their
married life on God's promises, then it is their responsibility to remain steady in their faith. When they sin, they ask God for His forgiveness. Spouses offend each other, and therefore, they need to be ready to forgive and demonstrate the power of God's grace working in their lives. As each cry to God for His grace, then they also need to be quick to show grace. The offending spouse should be expecting nothing but love, forgiveness, and grace. . Question for reflection: How do you react when your spouse hurt you. Whatever your reaction is, if it is not full of grace, you need to work on it. God is gracious to you.
Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is your way with those who love your name. Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me.  Psalms 119:132-133
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