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The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are life. John 6:63
The Lord’s Day, JULY 12, 2020
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The “calling” is a term that many of us hear, preach, and read about. it is the purpose of life. In Romans 1, we find this word three times in the first seven verses. In verse one, Paul claims his calling; in the second, Paul points out the general calling of all people (called to Jesus), the third describes the character of those who go to Jesus, which is to be holy. The Greek word is kleetos, which means “an invitation” to discharge some office (an apostle, in the case of Paul).In the case of all people, an invitation to go to Christ, and then to dedicate one’s life, living in holiness. Kleetos is the invitation God gives to all people to receive His grace which is found in His gospel. However, once people accept God’s grace, they are responsible for the invitation they accept as saints, and to the spiritual gifts God prepared for them. It is then imperative to walk in the newness of life He provides for us.
“Romans is as solid and durable and reliable and unshakable and thorough as the TRUTH can get.”
THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE GIFTS –The Fruit of the Spirit
WOL Bible Study
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WOL Bible Study
A short message to ponder on… We are living in modern times... In a new era, that trust is a rare virtue and hard to find. But in Romans 4 we read that whoever trusts in God, it will be accredited to him as righteousness or salvation... Is this hard to teach, to our children? Have you ever sat down with them and explain in simply words or activity, the topic of trust? If you have older children, did you ever discuss this important virtue? Trust is a gift from God and the best way to pass on this teaching to our young, loved ones is to be a living example to them. It's time to pray that our kids learn to trust... Our kids can learn maths, English and different languages… if they don't learn to trust God, and be trustworthy people, they will loose big time... .
Read Galatians 5
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We Are One Body if one member suffer, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together 1 Cor 12:26