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The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are life. John 6:63
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his phrase ‘persistence in prayers’ in Romans 12:12 is translated from a powerful Greek word –proskarterountes – which implies continuous persistence, perseverance, and insistence. Most of us will struggle with this. Many find it not only difficult to keep an attitude of prayer, but also to spend real time in prayer. It seems that we never have time to pray, or if we do, do it quickly as if to feel good with ourselves that we have “done our duty.” The Holy Spirit is encouraging the church to be faithful and persistent in prayer. Why? It is because it is the only access humans have to God. If Christians want to live their Christian life in biblical victory, then they need God’s ability and power. It is given to us by the Holy Spirit. We can never know the power of God in our life unless we recognize that it is essential for us to live a life of spiritual intimacy with God. It is also how God advances His kingdom's purposes on earth. We can go for long stretches through their day without prayer, especially when things are going well, without even considering praying. That is not constant prayer! The truth is that we are missing out on a wonderful relationship. We can communicate with the God of the universe, and yet we fail to use that privilege. God wants to hear our hearts. He wants to spend time with us. He wants to empower us through our day. He wants so much more for us. Constant prayer throughout the day can provide all of these things. Take advantage of the enormous privilege that we have. Be consistent in prayer. Ask Him to deepen your desire to communicate with Him throughout your day.
The Greatest Hindrance –The Flesh - (prt 2)
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WOL Bible Study
PRAYING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION The Bible states, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14. Most parents and loved ones, find themselves in a situation, surrounded by children shouting, playing and running around. Children are full of energy, some more than others and their liveliness causes fatigue on grown ups. In the above Scripture we see that although Jesus was tired and ready to rest, He always made time to welcome, pray and bless these beautiful, innocent children. We have to reflect on His approach towards the little ones and imitate Jesus. Each day, we should look forward to spend quality time with our children, give them our full attention…hear them out, play with them and pray simple but sincere prayers with them. From a young tender age, teach them God’s existence, love and presence. Let us together with the children use their energy to glorify God and never tire to show Jesus the Savior in their lives. If we do not talk about the True God with them….who will?
Read Galatians 5
marriage is not just "family." It is also a means of the couple join together for the service of the Lord (11c). Therefore, together, they built a family unit that displays the glory of the Lord. Genuine love is described in 1 Cor. 13:4-8. However, in Romans 12 is a continuation of how believing couples must give up themselves for the other in service to God. Prayer is a need-to-be-attitude for the couple. If one is in harmony with God, then he or she can feel the need for the must of being in harmony with the spouse. After all, the marriage is to be a witness to the harmony of Christ and His church. Even if one spouse is found weak and fall in some fleshly behavior, the other is commanded to bless and not curse. This is one way of living in harmony with one another.
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Today, disharmony marks the condition of many marriages. This is not a surprise because we live in a culture that conditions the human brain to think about "self" first. It means that one must love self before anyone else, even a spouse. Couples like these may also believe they are in love with their spouse. However, it is a false kind of love. The Apostle Paul commands that love must be genuine (Rom 12:9). The following passage is a description which marks the description of a true Christian. The principles there can easily be applied in any relationship. Of course, they are sacrosanct for Christian marriages. One way of doing is the recognition that
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