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The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are life. John 6:63
The Lord’s Day, JUNE 28, 2020
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The Gospel is Good News! It is promised in the Old Testament and centered in Jesus Christ. He came to earth a Jew, was tortured and died, and arose again; and He saves all those who will trust in Him. He alone purchased salvation, and this message must be preached to the whole world. Why? Because the Gospel alone is “the power of God to salvation ” (16). Paul was gripped by the Gospel; his whole life was controlled by it. Called to be an apostle (1), he felt himself a debtor to the whole world (14). Through His church, God is calling people to Jesus Christ (vv. 5–7). Has the Gospel gripped you? Did it change your life? How eager are you to change by its teaching? How do you consider its standards, too holy, too difficult, too demanding? Regardless of what man thinks on the Gospel, it is what God considers the most important thing that mankind needs. Therefore, let us join Paul, and rejoice in its power, and receive the freedom it gives us from sin. The Gospel leads us to repentance and eternal life with Christ.
THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE GIFTS –The Fruit of the Spirit
WOL Bible Study
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WOL Bible Study
PRAYING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION So, as we all know during these COVID 19 times, our children are not attending school… Most mothers have to act like teachers more than ever and spend more time with children’s study… Do we have written in the Bible that at ancient times parents sat down with their children and together went through God’s law and teachings? So thinking again about Covid 19, let the same effort be made and spend time reading the Bible with our children and explaining to them how awesome and great is our Creator. Let these hard times turn into a blessing within the families and when this storm is over, we continue with this discipline to share the Gospel daily within our home first…after all, school starts from home. Blessings.
Read Galatians 5
I am blessed to be working in an environment where I can listen to worship songs all day long and have noticed that it makes a whole lot of difference in my day. Many a times we believe that worshiping the Lord is something to be done at specific moments, like during service, or during prayer time, but this is not true. David loved music and with this gift given to him from God, he kept singing to Him, ”I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.’’ Psalm 104:33. I switch on the radio at my work place on a specific channel which plays Christian music all the day long, and at times I find
myself singing along without even realizing it. It took me some time and reflection to realize how much of a good influence this is to myself in the first place. One episode I recall clearly happened around 6 or 7 years ago, when a client had a kitchen delivered which he hated and did not want at all. Honestly I went in panic mode for a minute as my boss asked me to go on site and meet the client there. While making my way, I started singing to myself and worshiping. The installers look at me and said, ‘’How can you be so calm? The client does not want the kitchen. What are we going to do with it?’’ I smiled and just said ‘’It’s going to be ok.’’ I told the client to have the kitchen installed and if he still did not like it we would replace. Also payment was to be done once he was completely happy. The installers said I was crazy and that I would get in trouble for not getting paid, but I had peace in my heart. Going back to the showroom I kept worshipping and praying to God trusting in Him. At the end of the day the client had paid in full, giving tips to the installers and came thanking me at the shop personally even if the kitchen was
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not completely installed. That is the power of worship, not that the problem was solved, but that through it all I had peace no matter the outcome. And this happens all the time when I truly worship with all my heart and all my soul. Problems come and go but I know that His love endures forever. In Matthew 6 verses 25:34 we read that we should not worry about anything but instead we should seek first the kingdom of God, and worshiping is one way to do this. In worshiping we acknowledge His greatness, we exalt Him, we thank Him, cry to Him in supplication, we pray to Him and He pours out His blessings. Fill your mind with the thoughts of Christ and surround yourself by His word. Be careful what you listen to, and the people you are spending time with, cause with whatever you fill yourself, will eventually be what you pour out. Our life should be a testimony of Him, who is worthy of all praise.
Our life should be a testimony of Him who is worthy of all praise.