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The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are life. John 6:63
The Lord’s Day, November 15, 2020
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Gems in the book of Romans
We all know the beautiful hymn called Amazing Grace. We sing about the sweet grace of God, and we were blind, but now we see. Also, we sing about the real condition in which we were found, and that is “wretched.” The Greek talaipōros, means miserable, afflicted, wretched. It also means weighed down, like the weight of an object. Individuals who do not have a personal relationship with Christ–or who keep trying to do good and right by their own strength and determination–will eventually realize that they are in a losing battle against sin. Nothing seems to satisfy their desire of fulfillment. They are helpless to free themselves from its power (v. 23). But there is a Higher Power that can rescue people from this miserable condition. The answer is “through Jesus Christ our Lord” (v. 25). It is He alone who will sets us free “from the law of sin and death.” Those who tasted the deliverance from sin and death know the peace and joy of being free from its clutches. There is no sin or vice that Jesus cannot deliver us from. God can do it in Jesus Christ, our Lord!
PRAYING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION Am I wrong if I point out that the growing generation is too proud of its worldly achievements? And they seem like they want to teach the world. Are our children proud of what they know, and sometimes they act and behave like they know everything? What kind of example are we giving them so that they are growing in this way? What about the education they receive? Or, what about the spiritual values parents are instilling in their children. Like Moses, Job, and Aaron prayed for their children, we need to pray for ours. We need to pray with them and for them and guide them on how to ask for forgiveness. But, do they see the parents doing this? Let us pray...!
When a man humbles himself for his faults, he more easily pleases others and appease those he has angered.
Toward the scorners He is scornful, but to the humble He gives favor. The wise will inherit honor, but fools get disgrace. Romans 8:6
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WOL Marriage Devotion
Celebrate together in the good times and lean on each other in the hard times. As a marriage celebrant, I am responsible for guiding the couple to give their consent to each other. One of the promises is that whatever takes place in the married life, whether good or bad, they are in it together. The promise is “for better or for worse.” The covenant marriage is strong because when trouble comes on one of the spouses, and it will come, the other needs to be there and be in one heart with the other. This goes both ways. When your spouse is happy, you should be the first to share in the
celebration. When your spouse is sad or even heartbroken, you should be there for support. Professional counselors tell us that “In those moments of pain, your spouse won’t need you to cheer them up or to offer advice. Simply be there.” So what do you do? Hold each other. Pray together. Cry together. These moments of shared pain will become some of your most intimate shared memories. Sharing life with your spouse is what marriage is all about. It is not about selfishness, but about giving one to the other till death do you part. That is the promise made in the consent. Question for reflection: How can I better celebrate with my spouse in good times and better support my spouse in difficult times?
“Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.” ROMANS 12:15