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The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are life. John 6:63
The Lord’s Day, September 27, 2020
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Gems in the book of Romans
Many who claim are Christians got used to the false idea that Christians do not need to obey God's commandments. They say that since Abraham believed and was justified, substitutes obedience. "We live by faith," they claim. "Works is not needed for one to be saved." However, this goes against what the entire book of Romans teaches. First, faith is the companion of obedience. The verb for faith in the Greek indicates that one lives what he believes. Therefore, living righteously is obeying what the Scripture states is right in God's eyes. Yet, it also refuses to do what is ungodly and unrighteous. Before God gave the law, Abraham embraced principles of obedience to the promises God gave him. Abraham's obedience to the commandments of God qualified him for the unique title of being the "father of all those who believe." Therefore, the false idea that one does not need to be a "doer" but just a "believer," contradicts the very words one says. God considered Abraham righteous because he obeyed. He did not pick and choose what to obey but considered God's Word as having the final authority. What about you? Do you believe God's Word as authority over you?
A short message to ponder on… From a small age, like all parents, we urge our children to learn and keep one's self clean in every way... Now with school starting soon, and this pandemic is still with us…we emphasize and repeat all the hygene instructions to our children. How do we stress enough spiritual cleanliness? Do we teach our children self-examination? Shall we pray that they build their instinct to stay away from worldly filth that can make their souls weak and sick? I must say, that we should pray even more and thank God that the vaccine is found in prayer and obedience. Blessings
ZOOM MEETINGS Some members are still not abiding with ZOOM meetings rules. Consequently, as from September 13, 2020, those allowed to enter will: 1. need to have a valid reason for not coming to church. 2. abide with the rules previously given. Zoom is to be considered as a need, not a substitution for the attendance in church and there will be no more compromise. Therefore, those who feel that they have a valid reason, not to attend church, will need to contact Lawrence or Joe from the evening before, or as early as possible in the morning. THANK YOU
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WOL Marriage Devotion
Saturday 25, 2020, was the most important day for Pierre and Simone Bonavia Camilleri. They joined together in the most important institution that God established. Together with Alejandro and the witnesses, they went to the Registrar office for the short ceremony and signing the legal documents. However, when the couple asked the lady registrar so that the pastor says a short exhortation, she objected and stated that it was not part of the civil ceremony. But Pierre and Simone answered that there are no such words in the Marriage Act. Of course, this was a great disappointment to the couple and an offence to the Christians present. It is okay to mention a Bob Marley quote,
but not the Bible! After the Registrar's well-recited legal wording, she asked the couple if they wish to say something to each other. And say something to each other they did!!! Pierre, then Simone thanked God for bringing them together and for His blessings. The words that they said to each other were filled with Christian meaning. God used those words to touch the Registrar, and she was in tears. This shows how empty many marriages are. A two minute impromptu speech identified the couple as being different from others. They have Christ in their heart. What a difference that makes! Let us all learn from this and never be ashamed of saying what God has done for us. God bless you, Mr. & Mrs. Bonavia Camilleri!