joined Word of Life PH Church 27, October 2013
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“ ‘You are our Word of life Family!’ was the phrase that Pastor Christine spoke to Aster and me, three years ago, when we first began to correspond with her after arriving to Malta,” exclaimed Jonathan Younas as he introduced the first service at Word of Life PH Church. Jonathan and Aster leads the Pakistani Church,  but also have been frequently attending at Word of Life with their new born baby Faith, while conducting services for their Pakistani brethren on Sunday evenings. “Those words remained with us and have realized what they meant as we were being led to join our congregation with Word of Life Pentecostal Church. Pastor Joseph Agius said that Word of Life, through the PH church has been supportive of Pakistani work, because for a number of years Word of Life sent funds to support work in Pakistan. “It is a joy for both my wife and I to have the opportunity to serve you in ministry and to share the House of God, with you our brethren,” Pastor Joe exclaimed. Pastor Christine, also gave an emotional welcome and expressed her joy of having the new congregation as part of her spiritual family. She expressed her appreciation to the congregation commitment to attend church on Sunday evening after some of them were working for 12 hours. She was overjoyed when Aster, presented to her a beautiful bouquet on behalf of the congregation to show their gratitude.
“You are our Word of Life Family!”
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